First Telegram bot for ęś© blockchain

Our proud community Norn sees great potential in the Tezos project and thus from time to time we like to contribute to the project and the community. So we decided to develop Telegram bot for Tezos that helps with monitoring of Tezos blockchain, including transactions, delegates performance and other various events.

What Tezos Notifier Can Do?

@TezosNotifierBot - the first Tezos blockchain bot! For example, it can:

  • add an unlimited number of wallets, exchange wallets or delegate addresses to monitor, rename and manage;
  • address balance checking (also available in BTC and USD);
  • incoming/outgoing transactions notifications with threshold settings;
  • reward notifications from monitored delegates (can be toggled);
  • new origination and delegation notifications;
  • notifications about skipping baking and endorsing blocks - delegates can monitor the performance of their nodes, you can monitor how well your delegate works;
  • notifications about rewards and cycle performance of delegates;
  • ...and many other notifications and features. Read more in the About section.

Contact Us

You can simply contact us using
Feedback button in our Telegram bot

Start using Tezos Notifier

Some examples of notifications


Notifications about incoming and outgoing transactions with the ability to set a threshold or disable these notifications altogether.


Stay informed when your delegate receives a cycle reward and how much he gets. Even for this eventwe have a separate beautiful notice.


At the end of the cycle, you will receive a notification about the performance of the delegate you are following, indicating the amount that he will receive per cycle.